Living Life to the Fullest

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June 28, 2017
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June 30, 2017

Living Life to the Fullest

Michelle Packs Each Day With The Things She Loves

Twenty-three-year-old Michelle – or Shelley, as she’s often called – has a packed calendar. And that’s the way she likes it. “It makes me happy”, she says.

Shelley’s diary is full of things she loves and which play to her creative strengths. She attends Garden House three days a week, where she participates in activities such as art and craft, cooking and dancing. “I love coming to Garden House,” she says. She is also employed at Sylvanvale Catering two days a week, which she says she also loves.

Outside of Sylvanvale, Shelley’s many activities include ballroom dancing and dancing lessons at Twinkle Stars – a dance studio for people with a disability – and spending time with her younger brother and parents, who support her in everything she does.

Shelley is very artistic. “I love painting”, she says. She does art classes through Sylvanvale’s Art with Heart program and at Hazelhurst Art Gallery. Some of her artworks have been exhibited, including her cat painting, which was on display at Hazelhurst.

She is also the mastermind behind Enterprising Women’s Love Potion soaps. When the group was asked what they wanted to make, Shelley said she wanted to create a soap for her boyfriend Alex. She selected the scent, picked the love heart and chose the pink colour.

Busking is one of Shelley’s latest ventures: when she wants, she dresses up in a costume she has selected and gets up and goes – singing and dancing. While on holiday with her family recently, she did so well busking that she ended up lending her parents money! Shelley and her Mum also hand-make gift cards that they sell at markets.

On top of that, Shelley enjoys the ‘girly’ things so many other young women her age like, such as shopping, fashion and pampering at the hairdressers and beauticians. And she takes every opportunity to dress up – even getting changed into fancy costumes for Zumba classes at Garden House.

Her favourite costume is, “My 21st birthday costume my Mum made for my Disney party”.

Shelley never misses her friends’ birthdays, always bringing in a card she’s made, a picture or a present. “I love my friends”, she says.

In spite of her full schedule, Michelle still makes the time to conduct Sylvanvale’s Cajon drumming group, the Sylvanbeats, and volunteers at Sylvanvale stalls at community events. If you see Shelley, come up and say hi.