Meet Robbie

Sylvanvale Cocktail
June 30, 2017
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August 4, 2017

Hi, I’m Robbie. I’m 24, going on 25.

I’ve been part of the Sylvanvale family since 2010 and currently live in Sylvanvale supported independent living in West Pennant Hills.

I’m very energetic and never sit down. I love swimming, walking and going on picnics.

And I love seeing my brothers John and Ben.

I’m well liked and can be very gregarious – particularly when I’m the centre of attention. I generally enjoy other people’s company, especially that of girls!

I like going to social occasions, as long as those events aren’t too confronting and there aren’t too many people.

I’m cheeky, laugh a lot and have been told I have a lovely smile. I’m very happy most of the time and am happiest when there’s a routine.

I love looking at myself in the mirror that my parents bought me when I moved into my new home. I love to shower, I change my clothes a lot and am very neat and tidy. I also really like to help around the house – my support workers tell me I’m very helpful. I like music and singing. I like my own noise, but I prefer not to have to listen to other people’s noise. It’s much better when people take the time to talk to me, such as telling me what’s happening, as I understand a lot. It’s also good to listen to me. I like to use my words. I can say things like “I want biscuit” and very often I’ll use the words “Mummy” and “Daddy”.