Phillip’s Passion for Travel

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August 4, 2017
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Phillip loves going away and going on holidays. “Travelling makes me feel good, and more important in the community,” he says. “I can show the community that I can get around with the wheelchair.” “I like being included in the community. I get on good with people.”


Phillip’s most recent trip, which he took in January this year, was a holiday to New Zealand. This was also Phillip’s first ever time travelling on an airplane. “I felt nervous”, he says, “I thought it would never land.”

In New Zealand, Phillip spent eight days travelling the North Island and doing lots of exciting things including seeing the hot pools in Rotorua, visiting Hobbit Town, riding on a gondola and caving, and visiting Te Papa museum in Wellington.

“The best bit was the hangi. I liked the food.”

Phillip chose New Zealand as his destination for this holiday because “I wanted to see what it’s like”.


Phillip isn’t new to travel and his previous trips include Tasmania, Berry, Nelson Bay, Norfolk Island, Bathurst, Queensland, Newcastle (twice), Dubbo and Logan.

He’s also been on two cruises, including one which he went on to New Caledonia and Vanuatu in November last year.


Phillip’s dream is to travel around Australia. Because the cost of doing this is so expensive, he’s visiting different parts of Australia in stages. His next goal is Western Australia.

“I would like to go to Western Australia and to Alice Springs. I’ve never been there. I’ve been as far as Logan because my brother lives there. He comes down every Christmas.”
“I just hope I can go all around Australia soon.”


Travel of course isn’t cheap, and Phillip has become a savvy budgeter and saver.

For his first-ever cruise, Phillip made an agreement with the Trustee that if he saved for half of the holiday they would pay the other half.

He then worked with his Sylvanvale support workers to prepare a budget, which he stuck to.

It took two years of disciplined saving for Phillip to pay for his first ever trip – a cruise to Brisbane.

Since then, Phillip has become so good at saving that he paid for last year’s cruise and his trip to New Zealand entirely from his own dedicated saving. “I don’t go up the road and buy ice cream or any cakes. I buy a big jar of coffee lasts for six months.”