Joins us as we aim to turn Garden House into a place the whole community can call home.

John Vlamitsopolous had a vision for Garden House. It would be a model for sustainability and a community garden where all were welcome. But just as his dream was starting to come to fruition, John passed away in a tragic bush-walking accident in Queensland.

The people Sylvanvale supports and Sylvanvale staff stepped in shortly after and began tending the garden around 2008. You can join the effort to realise John’s dream for Garden House by making a donation today. Over the years, Garden House has had many uses. It was the caretaker’s cottage for the Sutherland Leisure Centre and the location for Sutherland Council’s Enviroworks courses.

As the people Sylvanvale supports became regulars at the garden, they were given access to the house and garage too.

Now, not only is it a community garden, but it’s a site for Sylvanvale’s centre based day programs – home to Sylvanvale’s innovative Inclusive Classroom and the manufacturing hub for Enterprising Women, a Sylvanvale social business.

But unfortunately, the site is far from perfect. There are issues that stop it from truly living up to John’s vision, and meeting the needs of all community members.

With your help, we can raise the $75,000 needed to renovate Garden House. There are no accessibility ramps to enter the house, only stairs. The drainage on the property is poor and leads to flooding on wet days. The pavers are uneven. The kitchen doesn’t have space for cooking classes. And there is no accessible toilet or outdoor shade areas.

All of these issues mean that many of the people with disability Sylvanvale supports can’t always be a part of Garden House’s activities. But you can change all that!

By making a donation today, you can be part of an exciting project to renovate and redesign Garden House. Make it finally live up to John and Sylvanvale’s vision of an inclusive community working together.

We need to raise $75,000 to add an accessible toilet, put in ramps, add level paths and shade areas, build retaining walls and remodel the kitchen. You can be a part of the biggest facelift Garden House has ever seen!

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