“This is Oscar, our beautiful son. We took this picture when we went out on his birthday.
When Oscar was born over 5 years ago, he wasn’t breathing and had to be resuscitated. Oscar was put on life support for the first week of his life. That whole week we watched as his tiny body had seizures. We could only touch his little hands and stroke his soft skin to let him know we were there.

At five days old, he was diagnosed with severe brain damage.

We were given the choice of turning off the life support. But he was our little boy. We wanted to give him a chance to live. We would stand beside him, no matter what.

Three weeks later he was brought home to be with his family. A few months later, doctors confirmed he had cerebral palsy, a life-long disability.

Oscar has limited use of his arms and legs and is non-verbal. He can hold things, and bring a spoon up to his mouth. On some days, he can spend some time in his walker. But for the most part, we need to feed, dress and bathe him and take him around in his wheelchair or stroller every day.

He likes being read to, watching trucks go by, and playing at the beach".

Oscar has been coming to Sylvanvale since he was one. His parents know he is happy by the way he starts laughing and kicking his legs as they drive up towards Sylvanvale. "The staff at Sylvanvale would do anything for him.

Our hope is that Oscar will lead a happy life and that we can be good parents. We hope he will be included as much as possible.

We worry about what will happen to him in the future as we get older and find it harder to look after him. Who will take care of him? Will he get the kind of care and love he deserves?”

-Claire and Mick, Oscar’s Parents.

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