Why Work For Us


When you join Sylvanvale you become anintegral member of our team.

We are passionate about empowering and supporting our customers to achieve their goals.

Similarly, we are passionateabout creating opportunities for our employees to learn, grow and fulfil their potential.

What We Offer

Not only is Sylvanvale a great place to work, our employees are valued and rewarded with the following benefits:

• Salary Packaging:

o Salary sacrifice up to $15,900 from your pre-tax salary each Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) year. Use it to pay for everyday expenses such as mortgage, bills, loan and credit card repayments, shopping, groceries and even petrol. This significantly increases your take home pay.

o Additional limit of up to $2,550 per FBT year to salary sacrifice meals, venue hire and holiday accommodation utilising an Entertainment Card.

o Buy your next car with a Novated Lease, enabling you to save on the purchase price of the car (as well as getting you a great deal, there’s no GST to pay), and you save on the running costs as well.

o Salary sacrifice additional superannuation – up to the allowable limit - to further increase take home pay.

• Learning & Development:

o Access to our in-house Program offering a wide range of courses and workplace mentoring. We provide a learning environment where you will continuously develop your skills competencies to maximise your performance and fulfil your potential.

• Employee Well Being:

o Our Employee Assistance Program is a free and confidential counselling service, available to all employees and their families to provide support on a range of personal and work related issue