November 7, 2017
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November 14, 2017


Ken lives in Supported Independent Living at Sylvanvale. At the start of the year, he had two big goals. Ken really wanted to get work experience because, “I wanted to fill in my time” and he wanted to go to the Gold Coast “because I like travelling and wanted to go to Sea World, Movie World and Australia Zoo.”

Ken is really interested in airplanes. Coincidentally Ken’s key support worker, Cruice, had previously worked for an airline packaging company. So Cruice asked Ken if he would like to try getting some work experience there, which Ken was very keen on.

Ken now works there each Friday, labelling and packing, including putting stickers on pasta boxes and putting headphones into bags. He is very happy with his job, “My job makes me proud, because I’m helping the community.” He has also made friends, and has a good friend called Jake.

What’s more, all the people who live with Ken now work there on a Friday too.

According to Cruice, Ken’s job has, “made Ken more confident, enabled him to meet new friends and is potentially opening new doors for him. I’m very proud of him.”

Ken’s other big achievement this year has been his trip to the Gold Coast. According to support worker Warren, “Ken had been wanting to go to the Gold Coast for a couple of years – it was his dream.”

Ken put a lot of effort “researching on the internet about what to do on the Gold Coast.” Working alongside Ken was Service Leader Russell and his team, who spent hours planning every aspect and possibility in detail, to ensure it was a resounding success.

In June 2017, Ken’s dream became a reality and he spent four days in the Gold Coast, accompanied by two Sylvanvale support workers. Everything went smoothly and Ken visited everywhere he wanted to go. “I had a good time”, says Ken.

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