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Peace of Mind with Supported Accommodation

It’s natural for parents to feel a range of emotions at the thought of their child moving out of home. But for families with a child with disability these feelings are more pronounced.

An independent study recently conducted by Sylvanvale has shown that, understandably, guilt is one of the biggest reasons why families don’t place their loved-ones into supported accommodation.

The study – which was a mix of focus groups and individual in-depth interviews amongst people with disability and their families – found that people are confronted by a range of emotions, including guilt, fear and anxiety.

A Sylvanvale family member who has felt this mix of emotions is Simonn Stratton, whose sister Nicole now lives at a Sylvanvale home in Sydney’s South West.

“Because of Nicole’s needs, because she needs 24/7 support, it was deemed that she needed to go into supported accommodation. But thankfully we found Sylvanvale.”

Emotion is leading to missed opportunities for many families who are now entitled to supported accommodation under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

Prior to the NDIS it was much harder to get loved ones into supported accommodation. Under the NDIS, eligible people are entitled to funding for Supported Independent Living. A good time to ask for this is when formulating an NDIS Plan or going through a Plan Review. If they haven’t lived in Supported Independent Living before, they need to have this in their Plan as a goal.

So how can families overcome their guilt and place their loved-one in supported accommodation?

According to Sylvanvale’s CEO Leanne Fretten, “It’s natural for a parent to feel guilty. But as difficult as it may be, it’s a natural progression for a child with or without disability to reach the milestone of moving out of home.”

“To help make this transition easier for the family it’s important to find an accommodation provider that you trust and feel comfortable with,” said Leanne. “Communication is very important. We talk to the families, we let them know what their loved one has been doing and how they are. We become their family, and they become our family too.”

Simonn said, “Because of the staff’s consistent approach in creating a safe and secure environment for her, Nicole now calls Sylvanvale’s house her home.”

Supported Independent Living at Sylvanvale:

Sylvanvale offers a range of Supported Independent Living options (Supported accommodation) across the greater Sydney region. Our beautiful, purpose-built homes are staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We have several different offerings including shared houses, self-contained units and two and three bedroom villas. We offer support to people with an Intellectual disability who have Supported Independent Living in their NDIS Plan and are eligible for Specialist Disability Funding. Find out more HERE.