Community & Fundraising


You can change the lives of people living with a disability and their families. Fundraise for us at your school, work, or in your community. Ask for donations instead of gifts on your birthday. Have a cake stall. Host a trivia night. Enter a marathon and ask for sponsorships. Or create your own fun event!

Your fundraising efforts will mean more children receiving early intervention services. More adults receiving the benefits of art therapy And in the long term, more acceptance and inclusion for people with a disability. Supporting Sylvanvale is the single most powerful thing you can do to provide opportunities for people with a disability. To help you on your fundraising journey we've put together a toolkit which will help make your activity/event a success.

Apply online now for an Authority to Fundraise and Start Today!

How do I get started?

1. Download and read our Fundraising Toolkit to give you an idea of the overall process and our Terms and Conditions.

2. Apply for an Authority to Fundraise (online or on paper).
3. Set a fundraising goal.
4. Think about who can support you to reach your goal: family, friends, colleagues, the local community.
5. Plan ways to achieve your goal: hosting an event, online fundraising, entering a challenge. 6. Promote your fundraising goal far and wide and see your efforts turn into dollars for disability!