Emu Room


For children aged 0-6 years, with high needs

$148 per day

Emu Room Routine

7:00am Breakfast with peers of all abilities

7:30am Free play with peers of all abilities

8:00am Outdoor free play

9:25am Group time with peers of all abilities

9:30am Morning tea

10:00am Free play with opportunities for small group activities

11:00am Group time for those who are awake

11:45am Lunch

12:15pm Rest time and quiet activities

2:45pm Afternoon tea

3:00pm Free play in yard

5:30pm Late snack

6:00pm Mikarie closed

Routines can be changed based on children’s needs, interests, spontaneous experiences and changes in weather.

Your child’s room placement will be based upon the child’s age as at the start of the new enrolment year.

Food, drink, nappies and wipes are all provided and included in the daily fees.