How can I contact Mikarie?

For enquiries about vacancies at Mikarie, please call Sylvanvale’s Customer Experience team on 1300 244 577.

Where is Mikarie located?

The centre is located at 2 Mikarie Place, Kirrawee, NSW 2226. To get there, drive down Mikarie Place, turn left after the Sylanvale sign and then take the first left.

What are MIkarie’s hours of operation?

The service operates Monday – Friday from 7am to 6pm each day. The centre is closed all NSW Public Holidays and during the Christmas/New Year period (dates will be communicated in the service each year).

What does ‘all abilities’ mean?

Mikarie operates like any other child care centre except that we have additional supports available for children with disability. All Mikarie children learn social inclusion and understand that we’re all the same inside. Children then carry these values with them throughout the rest of their lives. Children with disability and their families benefit from an expanded social circle at the centre, as well as spending their formative years in an environment that is inclusive and encouraging of people with disability. The centre’s practices have positive implications in other early childhood settings and in the broader community.

What is Mikarie’s connection to Sylvanvale?

Mikarie was set up by, and is part of, Sylvanvale Foundation – an organisation committed to providing a better quality of life for people with disability. Sylvanvale are strong advocates for social inclusion and believe that inclusion at a young age can create lifelong values that benefit the whole community. Mikarie Child Care Centre contributes to the local community by promoting inclusion and changing society’s perceptions regarding people with disability.
Mikarie Child Care Centre is located in the grounds of Sylvanvale’s head office in Kirrawee, in the southern suburbs of Sydney.

What should my child wear to Mikarie?

Children should be dressed in practical clothing for the activities they will be participating in and should also cater to outdoor play ie Sun smart clothing that protects the skin from the sun (as much as possible), particularly the shoulders, back and stomach. What should we bring?The following items must be provided for the child:
· Bag – labelled with child’s name
· Hat – bucket style or broad brimmed
· Change of clothes
· Jumper or jacket
· Bottles for milk and formula (if required)
· Medication (if required)
· Any specialised equipment required for feeding.
Please ensure all items (including shoes and socks) are clearly labelled with your child’s name.

Do I need to bring nappies and wipes?

No, you do not need to bring nappies and wipes. These are provided by Mikarie.

What food and drink is provided?

· Children at Mikarie have access to safe drinking water at all times.
· Children attending Mikarie are offered food and beverages appropriate to the needs of each child on a regular basis throughout the day. The cost of this is included in the fees.
· The food and beverages provided are chosen having regard to the dietary requirements of individual children and take into account any specific cultural, religious or health requirements.

Is the service a nut free zone?

Yes, the service is a nut free zone. To protect children and employees that may suffer from these allergies, products such as peanut butter, Nutella, nut food bars or any other products that have nuts or peanuts listed in the ingredients are not allowed at the service.

What is Mikarie’s Sun Safety Policy?

Mikarie follows practices recommended by Cancer Council Australia in relation to skin protection for staff and children. Mikarie Child Care Centre is also a “Sun Smart Childcare Centre” and is recognised by the Cancer Council of NSW for its sun protection policy and guidelines.
The centre has a ‘NO HAT, NO PLAY’ policy, whereby children without a hat remain in covered and shaded areas only.
Educators will apply SPF30+ broad spectrum sunscreen to the children prior to outdoor activities. Parents are encouraged to have sunscreen applied to their child on arrival to the centre.