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New Community Engagement Committee

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To ensure we continuously improve our services and keep the people we support at the heart of every decision we make, we need to regularly gather feedback from them, their families and carers.

As a result, the Sylvanvale Board is implementing Community Engagement Committee meetings, called Facing Forward. They will help Sylvanvale understand and improve the way we work, ensuring we are meeting the needs of those we support. The sessions will be quarterly (two per year with participants and two per year with families and carers).

The benefits of being a part of Facing Forward are numerous. It provides the chance to have a say directly to Board members in the way we plan, deliver and communicate our services. It is also an opportunity for the viewpoints of the people we support to be heard and to have a positive impact on other people who use our services, now and in the future.

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The first Facing Forward session will occur in May 2022 for Sylvanvale participants and will also be attended by two Sylvanvale Board members and senior management representatives. This will be followed by a Facing Forward session for family and carer representatives in August 2022.

The sessions will take place at different Sylvanvale sites each time, or attendees can also join via our Microsoft Teams online platform.

We are looking for nine (9) participants and nine (9) family members or carers, who would be interested in committing to our Facing Forward sessions on an ongoing basis. Ideally, they will be from various geographical areas and across different Sylvanvale services.