NDIS Quality Assurance Certification Audit

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NDIS Quality Assurance Certification Audit

Over the past few months, preparations have been underway at Sylvanvale for the NDIS Quality Assurance Certification Audit. As an NDIS service provider, Sylvanvale is required to undergo the external audit.

The audit is done in two stages:

To do this, there are some new limitations and protocols in place, such as:

Stage 1: Proves that we have the right systems, processes, policies and procedures in place for an organisation the size of Sylvanvale. This part of the audit took place in September 2020 and we have already passed. The auditor noted that our systems look better than those of other larger providers, because ours offer clear, practical guidance on how to do things.

Stage 2 looks at how we implement our policies and procedures. For this stage, the auditor chose six sites where she randomly selected some customers to talk with about how they find Sylvanvale and the services we deliver. The purpose of this is to see if we are supporting their needs, their rights and that their choices are being respected. Staff are also interviewed about how they go about delivering services.

Usually this stage would be conducted on-site, but due to COVID-19 the auditor interviewed customers and staff via Zoom – and staff guided them on a virtual tour using a phone or tablet.

Stage 2 of the audit took place from 17 November until 2 December 2020 and we are very pleased to announce that we passed.

This would not have been possible without great effort from all of our operational teams, who were able to clearly show our auditors that we are implementing not only our systems and processes on site but also delivering customer focused practice which includes choice and control for the people we support.

Thank you to everyone who provided assistance and support with the audit process.