Things You Need to Know – NDIA and Sylvanvale Roles Explained

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Things You Need to Know – NDIA and Sylvanvale Roles Explained

Recent changes to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) mean that there are now numerous people involved in the preparation, review and ongoing management of your annual NDIS Plan. While it can be confusing as to who does what, all of these people are here to support you to get the best possible outcomes from your Plan Review.

1. Pre-Planning (Applies to Supported Independent Living Participants)

Sylvanvale Service Planning Coordinator

For Supported Independent Living (SIL), Sylvanvale is required to have a pre-planning meeting with each participant and their plan nominee prior to the Plan Review. At this meeting, they discuss the Roster of Care (ROC, ie the supports you'll receive from your provider) and ensure that you are happy with the level of support you are being provided. Service planning is funded by Sylvanvale, so there is no cost to you.

Your Service Planning Coordinator will:

• Contact you 20 weeks prior to your plan expiry date to schedule a pre-planning meeting.

• Attend a pre-planning meeting.

• Discuss:

• Your ROC.

• Fee for services.

• Any relevant changes to the NDIS.

• Transport.

• Public holidays.

• Healthcare documentation.

• Any other documentation required for staff to support you well.

• Irregular supports.

• What went well in the previous year and what you would like to change.

• Prepare a SIL submission and email it to the NDIS.

2. Plan Review

NDIA Planner

The NDIA Planner comes from the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA). They will work with you (and where relevant your family and other informal supports) to determine what supports and services will assist you to achieve your goals. Your NDIA Planner is funded by the NDIA, so there is no cost to you.

Your NDIA Planner will:

• Discuss your ROC as well as any other supports you may require.

• Approve your annual NDIS Plan.

The NDIS may or may not fund what we have requested.

Once the plan has been approved, Sylvanvale’s Service Planning team will contact you or your plan nominee to discuss the funding. It’s important to note that Sylvanvale will only provide support for the hours, complexity, ratio and price level funded by the NDIA.

3. Plan Management

Support Coordinator

A Support Coordinator will support you to understand and implement the funded supports in your plan and link you to community, mainstream and other government services. You may choose to use Sylvanvale, or another service provider, for Support Coordination services. Support Coordination is the funded support that comes out of your NDIS Plan.

Your Support Coordinator’s role is to:

• Link you to services you require.

• Assist with budgeting of funds.

• Monitor the plan consumption.

• Follow up with you and / or service providers to ensure that you are happy.

• Assist with applying for an unscheduled review if your plan was short funded or if a change of circumstances has occurred.

If you need any further information or assistance please contact our Service Planning Team on 1300 244 577.