Future-Proofing Sylvanvale: Our Investment in Technology

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Future-Proofing Sylvanvale: Our Investment in Technology

At Sylvanvale, we recognise the importance of technology in the lives of the people we support and staff, as well as for our long-term sustainability and future growth. So in 2019, we developed a $1.5 million strategic technology roadmap that sets out our Information Technology (IT) plans for the next two years.

The roadmap focuses on three key areas:

1. Service Delivery

Ensuring we have the right IT support to fix immediate IT problems and help us adapt to the future.

2. Infrastructure

Ensuring our sites have adequate WiFi, our sites offer appropriate technology and our staff have the computers and iPads they need.

3. Applications

Making sure we have software in place that best fits Sylvanvale’s needs, while also providing value for money.

Our technology roadmap was approved by Sylvanvale’s Board of Directors in November 2019. COVID-19 caused slight adjustments to the roadmap’s timeline, particularly while we focused on setting up Zoom video conferencing to help people keep connected.

Since then, the implementation of our roadmap has gone from strength to strength. We have welcomed a new IT provider, rolled out Smart TVs at almost all sites and distributed 135 iPads to frontline staff for use on site. We also commenced the rollout of Office 365, Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 and streamlined our billing systems.

The roll-out of WiFi across all our sites has been receiving particularly positive feedback. According to Site Manager, Todd Inglis,

“The WiFi coverage is so much better and the internet much faster too. The people we support and our staff are very happy with the difference it has made.”

Jack, a Sylvanvale participant, has also found the WiFi roll-out life-changing,

“The implementation of the Wi-Fi upgrade has made my life so much easier. My access has improved significantly.”

While our technology roadmap sets out our plans for the next two years, technology will remain a key focus for Sylvanvale in the long-term.