Our Philosophy


Mikarie Child Care Centre’s philosophy is underpinned by the belief that “Children learn through play”. We believe that play is essential for children to learn, and thebest learning experiences happen when children choose what they want to do (this is called “self-directed play”).

Our philosophy sets out the guiding principles of behavior as relates to children, families, community, our team and our environment.

We believe that children are resourceful learners, that they should feel safe and secure in their environment and they should have their feelings and beliefs understood and listened to by their educators.

We believe that each family has a unique cultural background which should be respected within the centre, that they should have the opportunity to be involved in the centre’s curriculum, that they are experts of their children and should be actively engaged for their opinions and suggestions.

We believe educators have the right to feel respected, appreciated and encouraged, that they should take the opportunity to learn together with children and should always be willing to further their professional learning.

We believe that children should learn the importance of sustainability and nurturing the environment, and that we should provide a positive environment in which all children have a sense of belonging.

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Mikarie operates according to the purpose, vision and values of Sylvanvale