Turning Your NDIS Plan Into Action


Checklist for people who have had their planning meting, and started their NDIS journey.

You’ve had your planning meeting:

You have had your Planning Meeting with an NDIA Planner.

Access your plan:

Your Plan will be activated on the NDIA myplace portal and a copy of your Plan sent to you in the mail.

It is a good idea to check the myplace portal every day until you receive your plan.

Pre-planning document:

Before you sign into the myplace portal you need:

• A myGov account. For instructions on how to create a myGov account refer to Creating a myGov account

• An Activation Code from the NDIA (the code is needed for the first log on only). Your activation code will be provided to you via letter or email.

• Select the Participant Portal link on the NDIS website

• Type your myGov username and password and select Sign In.

• Enter the single use security code that you received on your mobile (or answer the security question) and click Next.

• The activation page will appear, enter your activation code, last name and date of birth then click Submit. Please note: you only have to put in the NDIA activation code once. This screen will not display again.

• You will need to accept the Terms of Use before you can use the myplace portal.

Appoint a provider for coordination:

An amount for Coordination of Supports should be included in your NDIS Plan. This will be called support connection or coordination of supports, Sylvanvale is a registered provider and can provide this support for you, or you can obtain a list of registered provider and can provide this support for you, or you can obtain a list of registered providers from the NDIA by calling 1800 800 110.

If no funding has been allocated within your Plan, coordination of supports can be provided by the Local Area Coordinator (LAC) appointed by the NDIA.

Put your plan into action:

Work with your Supports Coordinator to activate your plan and engage providers of supports.