Specialist Disability Accommodation


What is Specialist Disability Accommodation?

Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) is the housing that people with very high or complex needs live in and receive the supports they require. SDA will provide funding towards the cost of providing the physical housing and the land for eligible NDIS participants to live in and receive their daily supports. SDA funding is not for the support services a person receives while living in their accommodation. This is funded separately by the NDIS.

What is the SDA Payment?

Funding you receive for SDA is specifically to cover the cost of the housing – including the land it is on – as well as ongoing costs such as maintenance. It can’t be used by a NDIS participant for any other purpose.

The amount of SDA funding included in an NDIS participant’s Plan will vary. It will depend on a range of factors such as the building type, how many people you live with, location and any additional features.

SDA Payment

Sylvanvale will claim the amount approved within your NDIS plan. We will draw down on this money directly from our myplace portal.

How do I make sure that SDA is included in my NDIS plan?

NDIS participants go through a planning process where you meet with an NDIS representative to have a conversation about your support needs. This meeting may include conversation about whether you need to live in a Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA). The NDIS may fund support related to your accommodation after an assessment of your need for SDA has been carried out. If the NDIA decides you need to live in Specialist Disability Accommodation, then participants should see SDA funding in their plan.

Sylvanvale a Provider of Specialist Disability Accommodation

Sylvanvale manages a range of Specialist Disability Accommodation approved properties across the Greater Sydney region. Our share houses, self-contained units and two and three bedroom villas are purpose built to provide accommodation for individuals with high or complex support needs.

How much will I pay for my accommodation?

In addition to the SDA, NDIS participants will be expected to make a reasonable rent contribution. This contribution is 25% of the disability Support Pension plus any Commonwealth Rent Assistance*