Why Work For Us


Why Work for Us?

When you join the Sylvanvale team, you have the pleasure of working alongside a group of caring, empathetic and giving individuals in a dynamic team environment. Our staff are change makers who thrive on making a difference in the lives of the people we support. Passionate about what they do, they show initiative and think outside the box to address challenges.

If you want to work in a challenging and rewarding environment as a change maker committed to making a difference, then Sylvanvale is right for you.

Who is Sylvanvale?

Sylvanvale is a not-for-profit organisation that supports over 750 children and adults from a range of cultural backgrounds across Sydney and the Blue Mountains to live and participate in their community, as they choose.

We have a proud history of supporting individuals and families for over 70 years. We were founded in 1947 by a group of parents who were committed to creating an organisation that would give their children with a disability a better quality of life through access to education and social inclusion.

What services does Sylvanvale offer?

Sylvanvale offers a wide range of services including: supported and independent living; inclusive child care and youth services such as clinical services, after school care programs and vacation care; social and community programs; individual and family support and social enterprise initiatives.

We work in partnership with people with a disability and their support network to co-design solutions that will enable them to live life their way.

Who are the people Sylvanvale supports?

Sylvanvale specialises in supporting people with disability. Every one of our customers is unique, with their own needs, interests and talents. Our role is to listen to the people we support and provide them with tailored solutions and the right environment in which they can flourish and live the life they choose.

You can learn more about our customers on the ‘News & Stories’ page of our website here.

What are Sylvanvale’s values?

When you join Sylvanvale you become part of a team with an incredibly important role to play – supporting people with a disability to live the life they choose. To guide us in this critical role, we have five core values that everyone at Sylvanvale lives and breathes: belonging, choice, respect, safety and contribution.

You can find out more about our values – as well as our vision, mission and purpose – in our Strategic Plan, which is located here.

What benefits are available to Sylvanvale employees?

In addition to your salary, there are a range of other financial benefits available to Sylvanvale employees. They include:

•Salary sacrifice up to $15,900 from your pre-tax salary each Fringe Benefits Tax year (1 April – 31 March). Use it to pay for everyday expenses such as your mortgage, bills, loan and credit card repayments, shopping groceries and petrol. This significantly increases your take home pay.

•Additional tax-free limit of up to $2,650 each FBT year to salary sacrifice meals, venue hire and holiday accommodation utilising an Entertainment Card.

•Buy your next car with a Novated Lease, enabling you to save on the purchase price of the car (as well as getting you a great deal, there’s no GST to pay), and you save on the running costs as well.

•Access to more than 4,500 offers including local cafes, restaurants, take-away and pubs, hotels and apartments, movie tickets, attractions, groceries and petrol through the RACV Salary Solutions Member Benefits Program.

What Learning and Development opportunities are available?

When you join Sylvanvale you have access to our in-house program offering a wide range of courses and workplace mentoring, as well as a comprehensive induction process.

We provide a learning environment where you will continuously develop your skills competencies to maximise your performance and achieve your full potential.

Employee Wellbeing

Our Employee Assistance Program is a free and confidential counselling service, available to all employees and their families to provide support on a range of personal and work related issues.

What is Sylvanvale’s commitment to Work Health and Safety (WHS)?

The safety of the people we support, their families, our employees, contractors, volunteers, visitors and the public is paramount at Sylvanvale. We are committed to creating and maintaining an environment that promotes health, safety and wellbeing for everyone. With respect to this, we have policies and procedures that everyone at Sylvanvale adheres to and these are communicated to Sylvanvale employees and incorporated into training.