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Attracting & Keeping Quality Staff

Attracting & Keeping Quality Staff

Working as a disability support worker is one of the most challenging yet rewarding careers you can pursue.  

Through a range of initiatives, including training and recognition, Sylvanvale is focused on attracting and keeping high quality staff,ensuring the people we support receive the highest standard of service. Two recent examples are our new recruitment videos and 2022 Loyalty Awards. 

‘A Day in the Life of a Support Worker’ Videos 

Sylvanvale is fortunate to employ many support workers who have been working alongside the people they support for a long time. During that period, they have formed a strong bond and developed a deep understanding of their needs. 

We have recently used the knowledge of two such support workers – Abby Ezenwa-Ndukaku and Shane Mulligan – to develop informative videos for new and prospective employees called ‘A Day in the Life of a Support Worker’. The videos provide information about the great things about being a support worker, what’s involved and some tips for dealing with the more challenging parts of the role. These videos will be used throughout the recruitment process for potential new Sylvanvale employees. 

We are grateful to Abby and Shane for sharing their insights in the videos. 

Latest Loyalty Award Recipients 

Loyal and dedicated employees are the foundation of any successful organisation. As a result, each year we recognise the contribution of staff who have been with Sylvanvale for many years, reaching a service milestone. On 7 December 2022, Sylvanvale was excited to recognise the contribution of 66 employees through our Loyalty Awards, including Site Manager Karen Mulligan who has been with Sylvanvale for 20 years. 

A huge congratulations to all our Loyalty Award recipients and a big thank you for their tireless work each day, supporting people with disability to live their best life. 

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