Innovation Projects


This amazing all abilities group will be the highlight of your next corporate, community or group event.

Sylvanbeats Cajon drumming group has been performing for more than 8 years.

The proceeds of all performances go towards supporting the groups equipment, transportation, uniforms and tuition.

What we need to be able to perform at your event:

  • Wheel chair access to the stage
  • Access to power for our PA system
  • Disability parking
  • Wheelchair access to the building or property

How much will it cost:

Price varies on location of the event. Please contact 1300 244 577 for a quote.

Where does the performance fee go:

The performance fee pays for instruments, uniforms and other equipment and also helps the group to pay for their instructors time.

A huge thank you to Optimum Percussion in Burwood, who gave the Sylvanbeats a special reduced price on 6 new drums, to show their support for the group. The Sylvanbeats needed the new drums for their performances, as they’ve had to borrow drums until now. Thank you Optimum Percussion – we love our new drums and are very grateful for your support!


Enterprising Women is an all abilities group who creates and package beautiful products such as soaps and succulents in hand-made pots, which they sell at markets and online.

This is their story:

Cultivating Success: The Story Behind Enterprising Women

It was 2015, and the team at Garden House was looking for a new activity to participate in.

“Although our customers were enjoying the things we were offering – such as cooking, gardening and art – we all agreed it would be good to try something we hadn’t done before”, says Support Worker Rebecca.

So the group sat down together and brainstormed ideas. Hand-made soaps came up trumps.

That was the start of an exciting journey of experimentation and discovery as the team practiced making soaps and trialed new scents, colours and textures.

“People would come to the Garden House, intrigued to see what we were working on“, says Support Worker Megan.

“Our customers had so many great ideas. Shelley came up with a wonderful, pink, bubble-gum scented soap with rose petals on top called “Love Potion”, says Terri, also a Support Worker.

But the soaps were just the beginning. The group was getting so much enjoyment from the creative process and the beautiful products they were creating, that they decided to produce succulents as well. And not just growing them – creating the pots too.

“The customers are really into the succulents”, says Garden House Support Worker Maaki.

“One of the great things about the succulents, is they enable the women to use their strengths and get involved as much as they like. Karen loves to mix the cement. Lisa puts pebbles into pots to weight it down”, affirms Service Leader Sue.

There has of course been some trial and error along the way, such as pots that didn’t work. But the team put a lot of effort into research and getting things right.

As the talents and potential of the women became more obvious, the team began to talk about selling their products.

Meanwhile, the abilities of the team were being recognised at other parts of Sylvanvale.

The Marketing team at Sylvanvale met with the group to discuss their plans for the future and what might be possible. From that, ‘Enterprising Women’ was born.

Then, in November 2015, the group received a generous $15,000 in funding from the Big Sister Foundation to help them transform their creative hobby into an income generating business. The women have since started selling their products at events.

Parents have also been a huge supporter of the group.

“We couldn’t have done it without the parents or the community”, says Maaki.

“Our parents are completely behind their daughters being part of Enterprising Women. The parents often bring baby succulents, materials and fabric to the Garden House for us to use”, says Support Worker Ngaire.

As well as the wonderful way the group is bringing together and generating support, it is also have a great impact on the women themselves.

“The highlight is seeing customers feeling empowered”, says Sue.

And how do the Enterprising Women themselves feel about it?

“I love it!” says Ingrid.


The Inclusive Classroom is a unique learning resource and a a joint initiative of Scentre Group, Westfield Miranda, Sutherland Shire Council and Sylvanvale.

A social and therapeutic horticulture space, the Inclusive Classroom aims to connect children and young people of all abilities with permaculture practice, growing and preparing food from the gardens and outdoor kitchen established within the grounds of Garden House at Sutherland. Inclusive Classroom Flyer

As well as scheduled classes, the Inclusive Classroom will invite the community to enjoy the space during Open Days and Markets, which will be an opportunity to sample the produce, purchase arts, crafts and seedlings made by the Enterprising Women social enterprise and take part in a cooking class.

If you would like to volunteer to help maintain the permaculture garden or with cooking up a storm in the demonstration kitchen, please contact or call 1300 244 577.