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Who We Are

Working as a disability Support Worker is one of the most challenging yet rewarding careers you can pursue. One of our frontline staff is Mercy.

Born in Kenya, Mercy moved to Australia in 2011 to study a Bachelor of Political, Economic and Social Sciences degree at University. Wanting to make a difference to the lives of people with a disability and needing flexibility for her studies, Mercy took up a position as a Sylvanvale support worker.

She worked casually at number of sites before taking on an ongoing position at her current location in Western Sydney. She is now in her tenth year at the site.

“I feel like I’ve grown up with the people I support. I’ve watched them bloom over the years.”

“Some of the people I support were very shy and insular when I first met them. Over time they’ve become interested in going for a walk and social activities. I love seeing the improvements in their lives.”

A Career with Purpose

Join our growing team across Sydney and the Blue Mountains.

Mercy has a keen interest in understanding the reason why people do things. This has enabled her to form a deep connection with the people she supports.

“You get to know the people you support extremely well. Some have autism, and their routines and special interests have become second nature to me. It’s helped me to help them to live fulfilling lives. It’s also very rewarding seeing the change I make.”

Throughout her time at Sylvanvale, Mercy has felt well supported, “I work with a really great team. We support each other and have each other’s backs.”