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Lyndall’s New-Found Independence

Lyndall’s New-Found Independence

Lyndall has always been someone who enjoys her independence. “I like doing my own thing,” she says.

As well as working part-time, Lyndall would regularly catch a taxi into town to shop and be part of the community.

Lyndall was living in a group home, which offered her social connections and engagement. But she wanted to experience the freedom that living on your own can give you.

So in January 2021, Lyndall moved to into her very own Sylvanvale villa in the Blue Mountains.

She settled in straight away. From the very beginning, she liked her villa, the staff, the location, the peace and quiet and the two kind-hearted gentlemen who share the villa next door.

As soon as she moved in, Lyndall began making her new space a home. She made artworks for the walls and went shopping for decorative ornaments.

Her lovely villa began to look beautiful and reflect her vibrant personality. She took enormous pride in her new surroundings, keeping them very neat and tidy.

Lyndall also made the most of having her very own kitchen, experimenting with new recipes and baking cookies and cakes.

The closeness of her villa to town meant she was also able to walk to the shops.

Lyndall now has the independence she really wanted, “I can do what I want to do.” She said.

This has not only boosted her self-confidence and self-esteem, but also led to her being a much happier, more fulfilled person.

According to support worker Courtney, “The people who know Lyndall have noticed many positive changes since she moved into her new villa.”

“I am much happier,” agrees Lyndall. “I love my new home.”

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