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Meet Our Behaviour Support Team

Behaviour support manager speaking with participant

Behaviour support is all about improving a person with disability’s quality of life and teaching them positive strategies to get their needs met instead of using behaviours of concern.

Behaviour support practitioners work with the person with disability to find out: 

  • What they would like to change to improve their quality of life, and 
  • What they are communicating when they use behaviours of concern.  
Person writing in notebook

They then design strategies to improve the person’s quality of life and reduce their behaviours of concern. This information is put into a document called a ‘Behaviour Support Plan.’  

Behaviour support strategies are developed in collaboration with the participant and their family and support team. The strategies are always person-centred and protect the participant’s human rights. 

How do I know if I have Behaviour Support Funding in my NDIS Plan? 

Not every participant is funded for behaviour support, but everyone can ask for it.  

If your National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) plan contains one of the following line items, you have behaviour support funding. 

Item Number 

Item Name 


Capacity Building – Improved Relationships: Specialist Behavioural Intervention Support 


Capacity Building – Improved Relationships: Behaviour Management Plan Including Training in Behaviour Management Strategies 

How can I get behaviour support if I don’t already have it? 

To get behaviour support in your NDIS Plan, you will need to provide evidence of the need for it and have an improved relationships goal. You can ask for behaviour support by: 

  • Mentioning it in your NDIS planning meeting 
  • Requesting it in your plan review 
  • Applying for an Unscheduled Review to ask for behaviour support.  

Sylvanvale’s Behaviour Support Team

Sylvanvale provides behaviour support throughout the greater Sydney region.   

We cater to all ages and can come to your home, work, school, playgroup or childcare centre in the greater Sydney region. You can also come to us at Mikarie Place, in Kirrawee. Alternatively, we can provide services via video conferencing or phone. 

What Makes Us Stand Out 

Some of our key points of difference are: 

  • Our behaviour support plans are clear and simple: We take pride in the fact our behaviour support plans are easy to understand, because we know that this results in better outcomes.  
  • We spend a lot of time at the participant’s site: Our practitioners always visit the participant’s location of choice. They use evidence and data to develop, review and update strategies that enable the participant and their family to get the outcomes they want. 
  • We increase communication: Our team always looks for opportunities to increase communication and reduce the need to use behaviours of concern to communicate. 
  • We build strong relationships: We focus on building positive, trusting relationships with the participant, their family and support team, and take the time to get to know them as much as we can.  

Our Team

Our highly skilled team has many years’ experience supporting people with disability to achieve positive outcomes. Here are some of their highlights from working on the job:

Steve Bailey 
Senior Manager Clinical Services 

“Behaviour support practitioners help participants get the very best out of their NDIS Plan by ensuring that everyone is working effectively together to improve their quality of life and achieve their goals. We’re like the conductor of an orchestra.” 

Behaviour Support-Steve Bailey
Behaviour Support-Joshua Lund

Joshua Lund 
Behaviour Support Practitioner 

I wanted to become a behaviour support practitioner as it provides a valuable service by improving the quality of life of people with disability. I also enjoy working with families and staff to provide them with psychological education that builds up their skill sets in supporting their person. 

Cindy Queiroz 
Behaviour Support Practitioner 

I’ve always wanted to work with vulnerable populations. The second I found out about behaviour support I realised that I’d found my calling. I really enjoy exploring what motivates people in order to reinforce their positive behaviour.” 

Behaviour Support-Cindy Queiroz
Behaviour Support-Montana Taylor

Montana Taylor 
Behaviour Support Practitioner 

“Being a behaviour support practitioner is very rewarding. I really enjoy building a rapport with the people I work with and seeing really big changes. Sometimes simple adjustments can make a big difference to a person with disability’s quality of life.” 

Tash Pracy 
Behaviour Support Practitioner

“I wanted to become a behaviour support practitioner as I care about people with disability and the people who support them. I wanted to make all their lives easier and improve their quality of life. For a long time, I’ve been interested in working out the cause of certain behaviours.”

Behaviour Support-Tash Pracy

Sylvanvale’s Behaviour Support Team is here to help you live your best life. To find out more, call us on 1300 244 577 or enquire now.