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Meet Site Manager Mercy

Who We Are

Mercy joined Sylvanvale as a part-time Support Worker while studying economics at university. Her experience has taken her on a career path she loves. 

Born in Kenya, Mercy moved to Australia in 2011 to study a Bachelor of Political, Economic and Social Sciences at University. Wanting to make a difference to the life of people with disability and needing flexibility for her studies, Mercy took up a position as a Sylvanvale support worker.  

She worked casually at a number of sites before taking on an ongoing position in Western Sydney, where she worked for 12 years.  

“I feel like I grew up with the people I supported there. I watched them bloom over the years.” 

 “Some of them were very shy and insular when I first met them. Over time they became interested in going for a walk and social activities. I loved seeing the improvements in their lives.” 

On one occasion when Mercy’s manager was going away, she asked Mercy to assume her position in an acting capacity. This led to Mercy acting as Site Manager for eight Supported Independent Living (SIL) sites in Western Sydney over the years. 

Through these experiences, Mercy realised how much she enjoyed being a Site Manager.  

“I particularly liked the broader influence I could have on the lives of the people we support. I really enjoyed partnering with our participants to help them figure out what they like doing, and then working as a team to implement it.”  

“It’s so rewarding to see your work influencing someone’s life and making what they want work for them. I found so much joy in that.” 

Mercy also noticed that the knowledge she’d gained from her university courses translated well into the role. 

“I recently graduated in professional accounting. This training equipped me with the rostering, budgeting and finance skills that are required as a Site Manager.” 

When the opportunity presented itself in June 2023, Mercy became a permanent Site Manager at two of Sylvanvale’s sites in North West Sydney.  

She is delighted with the path her career at Sylvanvale has taken her.

“It’s been such a surprising career trajectory. I’m very happy and enjoying it, and not wanting to change. One thing I’ve learnt is nothing I’ve done in my life has been a waste. It’s all benefiting the people I support.” 

“Sometimes your path just chooses to take you in a direction where you’re needed. I feel like this is what I’m supposed to be doing and that’s why I feel so fulfilled. I feel like I’m living out my purpose, which is great.” 

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