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8 Things To Know About Our New Website

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As well as having a fresh layout, our new website contains many great features designed to improve navigation and use. We’ve listed eight of our favourite features here.

1. Sylvanvale’s website contains an Accessibility Menu, where you can select features such as text size choice, colour contrast– and more.


3. Our website can be easily translated into multiple languages.


4. The disability accommodation page, which can be accessed from the home page, contains a complete listing of all Sylvanvale disability accommodation options.

6. Our website contains a dedicated COVID-19 section, which provides all our latest COVID-19 information in one place. There’s a link to the section from every page of the website.

7. Your friends and family can effortlessly sign up for our InFocus enewsletter and other updates by entering their email address in the area towards the bottom of each webpage.


8. Our website can be easily viewed from a mobile phone, and adapts according to the device screen size.


We hope you enjoy using the new sylvanvale.com.au website as much as we do. Be sure to bookmark the website for when you need information about our services.

If you have any feedback or questions, please contact us at sylvanvale.com.au/contact.