Short-Term Accommodation


We’re Here For You

Sylvanvale’s Short Term Accommodation based in Loftus, in the southern suburbs of Sydney, is ideal for adults (18 years and over) wanting to have some independence, learn new skills, socialise and make friends whilst in a ‘home away from home’ environment.

Our Short Term Accommodation is available for a one night stay, or for a longer holiday period. We have a dedicated and highly skilled team that work in partnership with the people we support and their families to meet their goals.

Where it Happens

Our Short Term Accommodation is located in a purpose-built home, with hoists and wheelchair access, a grassed yard, vegetable garden, pool, a large terrace, huge living areas and private rooms with a TV in each room. It has a lovely holiday feel.

What We Offer

Activities and supports are designed to help improve self-confidence, emotional resilience and broaden individual life skills. We assist people to develop specific skills to improve daily living and help develop strategies to maintain these skills.